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3 Tech Items to Make your Life Easier!

Smartphone with app screen open; Photo by Christian Wiediger from Unsplash

Though we may lament how much time we spend on our smartphones and theorize about the downfalls of pursuing artificial intelligence, there's no doubting that technology is boon to society generally. In this week’s Nantucket Gate Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions on pieces of tech that you could invest in to bring your apartment into the future and make your life easier!

Amazon Echo

Smartphones were the start of a technological revolution and a glimpse into the possibility of applications of technology in homes. The Amazon Echo is one way technology can be implemented into your home! The Echo grants you access to the online ordering of Amazon, as well as, playing music, and linking to smart home peripherals. Investing in an Amazon Echo can be just what your home needs! 

Google Chromecast Ultra

If you’re someone who uses their phone or tablets to watch videos, you may want to invest in this lovely piece of tech: the Google Chromecast Ultra! The Chromecast Ultra allows you to stream from your tablet or smartphone directly to your television, providing you with minimal buffering and smooth streams. No more squinting at your small screen or having to give your phone away to someone else so they can see what you were laughing at. 

Orbi WiFi System

As our most expensive recommendation, the Orbi Router is one of those items that can be a great improvement to your home, but will cost you a pretty penny. As a wi-fi system, the Orbi keeps your wireless internet connection strong throughout your home. Traditional routers and systems can be inadequate when you have multiple people in your home streaming shows or playing games, so if you’re the type that has heavy internet usage, you may want to consider investing in the Orbi WiFi System. 

Each of our recommendations is not sponsored in any way, but rather are gadgets and tools that we think could be good for your home. If you have any gadgets or items that make your life easier, we’d love for you to leave a comment for our Tacoma, WA apartment community!


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