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3 Tips on Getting Work Done in Summer

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When the summer rolls around, it can get difficult to keep focused, especially when the weather is nice and all you want to do is travel or have fun. Whether you’re in school or working, you may have difficulty getting stuff done, which is why we’ve decided to share with you 3 tips on how you can be more effective in the Summer and get work done!

Put it on the Calendar

This tip works for everyone, even if you don’t use a calendar regularly. Ensuring the work you need to get done is on your calendar will ascribe a level of importance to the task. If you view your calendar regularly, having a calendar item will keep the task fresh in your mind so you can tackle it immediately. If you aren’t a calendar user, you can become one by setting calendar reminders on your smartphone or computer that will alert you of when you’ve scheduled the time to complete your tasks! 


There are times when we’re so busy that the list of items needed to be done seems never-ending. The best thing to do in that situation is to prioritize. Ordering your tasks in terms of importance and how quickly you can get each task done is a good way to blaze through your list so you can have the time to do the fun things.  

Reward Yourself

Our last tip is to reward yourself when you complete tasks! Working hard is said to be its own reward, but we disagree. When the weather is beautiful and there are plenty of recreational things to be done, we suggest using that as a reward for when you complete your school or work tasks! It may not be wise to use it as a reward after every task, but group your tasks and set milestones so the reward is adequate for the group of tasks completed. 

Summer is a hard time to stay focused, but you can do it! Share with our Tacoma, WA apartment community some of your favorite tips by leaving a comment.