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3 Ways to Spruce Your Work Station

Work from home set up with child and toys in the foreground while parent works in the background; Thanks to Charles Deluvio for sharing their work on Unsplash.

Amidst a global pandemic, your life may have been turned upside down, especially when it comes to working. Many have needed to adjust to working from home, and you may be one of those people. One of the best ways to ensure you maintain productivity and your sanity is by providing yourself with a work station that’s conducive to how you work best. In this week’s Nantucket Gate Blog, we’ve got three ways you can spruce up your workstation!


In order to give yourself a productive workstation, consider removing the clutter! Clutter is known to be a distraction and can severely limit the usable space you have at your workstation. If you work on a computer or laptop, your setup may include a lot of wires. Give yourself a break from the headache of multiple wires by doing some cable management, which will free up space and give your workstation a cleaner look!

Use a Theme

Oftentimes our workstations end up being just a trivial collection of things we need to do our job. This reality is one of the reasons why our workstations tend to be unenjoyable and visually displeasing places to be. An aesthetically pleasing workstation is difficult to accomplish, but you can start by picking a theme! A theme will give you an idea as to how to decorate and structure your workstation. Cohesion is an important aspect of sprucing up your workspace, so aspire for a cohesive theme!

Consider Your Occupation

Your occupation is the reason you have your workstation in the first place, so why not invest in technology or items that make your work life a little easier? These items will not only help you be more productive but will also add a modern flair to your workspace, as long as you do proper cable management (for your tech items) and fit it into your theme! 

Have you spruced up your workstation recently? Share your thoughts with our Tacoma, WA apartment community by leaving a comment!