Benefits of a Morning Routine

a person drinking tea, eating a healthy breakfast, and reading a book on their bed in the morning

Welcome to 2019 from Nantucket Gate Blog! We’re excited to see what surprises this new year brings, and we hope you are too. We know that New Year’s resolutions have become somewhat comical these days as they are often left unachieved, but we also know the big impact that small positive changes can have on our lives. That’s why today, we’re encouraging you to reevaluate your morning routine!

Having a consistent routine each morning is an important key to a successful day. People often make it seem like you have to be up before 6:00 AM if you want to succeed at implementing a morning routine, but it’s more realistic and sustainable to listen to your own body and choose a wake-up time that works best for you. Trust us, the physical and emotional benefits of starting this daily practice are priceless! Today, we’re here to highlight some of the most significant benefits you’ll experience as a result of redefining what your morning looks like.


Morning routines are widely known to increase productivity not only in the early hours themselves but throughout the entire day. By taking charge of what the beginning of your day looks like, you set a precedent for the rest of the day, and you’re far more likely to use the rest of your time efficiently as well. It turns out that a little intentional action in the morning goes a long way!


While positive self-talks using phrases like “I am an achiever” and “I love who I am” surely have a positive effect on self-confidence, you’ll see a more tangible increase when it is reinforced with constructive experiences and consistent action. That way, you’ll not only be gaining a stronger belief that the words you are saying about yourself are true, but you’ll also be gaining a stronger belief in your own ability to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.


A significant source of stress in life comes from feeling unable to reach goals and finish tasks; it decreases our confidence, thus likely decreasing productivity as well. Accomplishing something at the beginning of the day will lead to greater peace of mind, making it easier to keep achieving goals throughout the day. Ending the day feeling accomplished can lead to a more peace-filled evening and a better night’s sleep, which will then make the next morning feel even better than the last.

We hope you’ll be able to reap some of these benefits as you start implementing a morning routine in your Tacoma, WA apartment. Stay tuned next week for some tips on how to do so!