DIY Halloween Costumes

young child dressed in Halloween tutu holding pumpkin trick-or-treating bucket

Halloween is a great chance to dress up and have some fun. However, you don’t need to spend money on a pricey costume when you can easily make your own! We are sharing a few DIY costume ideas in this Nantucket Gate Blog post. For many of these, you can probably use items that you already have at your apartment.

A Juice Box

This costume is both adorable and simple to make. Use a cardboard box, wrapping paper, colored foam paper, and a plumbing tube for the straw and ta-da! Who wouldn’t want to be a giant juice box for Halloween?

Zoltar The Fortune Teller

Featured in the 1988 movie Big starring Tom Hanks, Zoltar is a fortune telling machine. With a cardboard box, some scissors, glue, tape, paint, a fake beard, and a cool hat you can become the future-seeing Zoltar. Make cards to hand out with written futures on them for added fun.


Yo ho ho — being a pirate is simple, especially for couples. Have fun and brush up on your pirate-speak, because it’s an important part of your character.

Gumball Machine Costume

This creative and adorable costume is fun and easy to make. What you will need: a red long-sleeve shirt, a red beanie hat, a red skirt, red tights, grey felt, thread and sewing needle, white felt, a large clear plastic bowl, a plastic plate, a small plastic bowl, hot glue, and gumballs.

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

The Joy of Fashion Blog shared this adorable DIY cookie monster costume that is a perfect option for anyone with a sweet tooth. With just a few supplies, lots of cookies, and some crafting skills, you’ve got a great homemade costume that is also incredibly stylish!

Have you ever made your own Halloween costume? Let us know about your experience in the comments. Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween here in Tacoma, WA!