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Films for Women's History Month

the silhouettes of a group of women

Were you aware that every March is National Women’s History month? Here at Nantucket Gate Blog we invite you to reflect on the important contributions women throughout history have made to our society. We think that one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do this is through film! This month, take an evening to watch one of the following films in your Tacoma, WA apartment:

On the Basis of Sex

In this film, join young Ruth Bader Ginsburg as she fights for equal rights between men and women. Before Ginsburg became one of the most well-known supreme court justices, she started off as an attorney with little success. When she and her husband agree to undertake a case together, it not only changes the course of her entire career, but it also shaped the way courts would handle gender discrimination forever.

Mary Queen of Scots

Rather than getting remarried after becoming a widow at 18, Queen of France Mary Stuart attempts to claim the throne in her native Scotland. At this time, however, Elizabeth I rules both England and Scotland, and she isn’t about to give up some of her power. In this compelling historical drama, witness two strong female leaders fight for power in a masculine world.

Hidden Figures

During the Space Race of the 20th century, sending someone into orbit was nearly the most sought after achievement possible. This film adds further insight into the story of the first American to orbit the earth, and specifically the genius behind this feat, which came in the form of three gifted Black women. Before Hidden Figures, their efforts were largely unrecognized. This month, enjoy one of the most empowering films of the decade!


How do you plan to observe National Women’s History Month? Share your thoughts with our apartment community here in Tacoma, WA by leaving a comment below!