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Gift Wrapping Tips

four wrapped gifts, embellished with twine and springs of greenery

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we imagine you’ve already purchased most of your gifts, and so now it’s time to wrap them! Nantucket Gate Blog is bringing you some suggestions to make the gift wrapping experience more enjoyable for you! 

Consider the Recipient

Before you use just any old wrapping paper, take a minute to think about who you are giving the gift to and what kind of message you want to send to them. Do you want them to laugh? Do you want them to enjoy opening the gift almost as much as they enjoy the gift itself? These are a few things to think about that will help give you some inspiration before you mindlessly wrap the gifts you are giving. If you have children, one of our favorite tips to simplify the wrapping process is to choose a special paper for each child and wrap their gifts exclusively in that paper!

Measure Before You Cut

If you cut out the wrapping paper for your gift just by eyeballing it, you’re likely to end up with a piece that is either much too small or far too large. To save yourself from doing that, make sure to use whatever gift you’re wrapping to measure the paper. Lengthwise, make sure you cut ample paper to cover the entire present; widthwise, cut the paper to be a few inches longer than the present itself. Doing so will save you time and frustration! 

Add an Embellishment

If you feel like your wrapped gifts seem a little bit plain, enhance them by adding something else that makes it look even better! Sometimes, curling ribbon is the perfect embellishment to complement the wrapping paper you chose. Other times, bows do the trick. If you’d like to make your presents look particularly stunning, try using parcel paper, twine, and some live greenery. Here are a few festive wrapping inspiration ideas to check out. However you choose to spruce up you wrap job, adding the perfect touch will show that you spent time not only picking out your gifts for others but that you also put some thought into how you presented them.

Do you have any tips for wrapping holiday gifts? Let our Tacoma, WA apartment community know by leaving a comment below!