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Halloween Night Suggestions

a pumpkin patch at sunset

Halloween is just three short days away! Do you have plans yet? If you no longer have young kids at home, chances are you won’t be out trick-or-treating. To help you decide what you will do instead, Nantucket Gate Blog has some suggested activities for Halloween night! Rather than spending the 31st of October like any other weeknight, add something festive to your evening by doing one of the following: 

Watch a Scary Movie

One obvious suggestion for Halloween night as an adult is watching a scary movie. Horror might not be your preferred film genre, but it can be a fun escape from normal life to watch something that typically only exists in nightmares. Whether or not you have a high tolerance for frightening movies or not, there is bound to be something out there at the level of horror you’re looking for. If you’d rather watch something funny, there are plenty of classic Halloween comedies out there too! 

Tell Ghost Stories

When was the last time you told ghost stories by flashlight? While it’s a staple of childhood summer camps and sleepovers, gathering together to hear a good scary story can be a lost art among adults. If you have other friends or family members who would prefer not to go out on Halloween night, why not invite them over to swap your favorite ghost stories? If you’d prefer to spend the night alone, you could also consider reading something by a frightening author like Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe.

Eat Your Favorite Treats

Halloween is the perfect time to eat all of your favorite sweets; even though you might not be going door-to-door for candy, it’s still a good idea to treat yourself. If you’re in the mood for classic Halloween candy, stop by the grocery store on your way to work and pick up a bag of your favorite treat to receive during your trick-or-treating days. For those of you who have developed a more sophisticated palate, consider baking or purchasing your favorite dessert like fancy chocolate or pumpkin cheesecake. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you deserve to be indulgent on Halloween night. 

How do you enjoy spending Halloween night in your Tacoma, WA apartment? Let us know by leaving a comment.