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Holiday Scented Candles for Your Apartment

Nantucket Gate Blog, Tacoma, WA  Fill your home with your favorite holiday scents by adding some scented candles around your apartment.

Looking to bring your favorite holiday scents into your home? The Nantucket Blog has some suggestions for some great holiday scented candles to bring your favorite warm and festive scents in with. Whether you want the scent of sugar cookies, pumpkin spice, or simmering apple cider, keep reading for our suggestions.


Peppermint Soy Candle

Fill your apartment with the refreshing scent of peppermint with this strongly scented candle from Pure Integrity. This soy jar candle is a lovely shade of pink, has a double wick, and burns for approximately 110-120 hours!


Pine Balsam Candle

This scented wax candle smells just like a real holiday tree! If you love the smell of pine, this glass jar candle from H&M is a must-have for your apartment. The candle comes in a lovely dark green colored glass jar.


Sugar Cookie Candle

This soy blend scented candle from Kohl’s smells just like warm sugar cookies and vanilla. Your apartment will smell just like you are baking cookies whenever this delicious smelling candle is lit.


Pumpkin Spice Candle

This candle from Williams Sonoma blends the scent of harvest pumpkins with cinnamon, ginger, and cloves scents. The candle is made from a beeswax and vegetable wax blend with a paper core, and cotton wick is made from completely biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients.


Simmered Cider Votive Candle

This beautiful candle set in a rose gold tin glows beautifully in any space, and also makes for a great reusable piece for trinkets. Enjoy the scents of a simmering blend of freshly-pressed apples, cardamom and hints of bourbon and malted rum in this elegant candle from Thymes.


What is your favorite holiday scent? Let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading our post. We hope you get to enjoy all of your favorite scents this holiday season. Stay safe in Tacoma, WA or wherever you may be traveling for the holidays!