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How to Begin Practicing Yoga

three women in a yoga studio

Last week on Nantucket Gate Blog, we shared with you three good reasons to start practicing yoga. To continue on the theme, we’d like to give you four simple tips this week to help you start your own personal yoga practice. 

No matter where you are on your journey to implement yoga into your life routine, following these tips will make your experience more meaningful. Keep reading so you can start practicing yoga in or near your Tacoma, WA apartment today! 

Get a Mat 

Before anything else can happen, you’ll need to acquire your own yoga mat. Practicing without a mat is hard on your body, not to mention uncomfortable. If you go to a studio without your own mat, there are often rental options available, but the price can add up if you rent each time you go. 

We’re not suggesting that you go spend top dollar on a premium mat before you know if yoga is for you or not. Instead, we recommend that beginners borrow a mat from a friend or family member who has an extra one or that they search online classifieds for a cheap or free mat available somewhere in the community. 

Become Familiar with Basic Poses 

When beginning to practice yoga for the first time, a lack of knowledge on how to perform standard poses can often be a point of stress or anxiety. Instead of letting those feelings grow, spend time on YouTube getting familiar with basic yoga poses. Whether you follow along with these demonstrations or you simply watch, getting a visual idea of what standard poses like tree and dancer look like will be to your advantage as you begin to perform these poses yourself. 

Go to a Yoga Studio 

We’d like to stress this tip more than anything else: if at all possible, practice yoga at a studio. Just like any other skill, practice, or form of exercise, going to a place designated for that specific thing will bring better results. 

If you can’t afford to go to classes very often, look out for free community classes. In the event that there are none or that these classes are infrequent, try a yoga-specific YouTube channel; we recommend Yoga with Adriene and Yoga with Tim.  

Be Kind to Yourself 

Last but not least, don’t forget to apply a healthy dose of self-compassion as you begin practicing yoga. Rather than getting down on yourself for not being able to do a certain pose or for feeling more sore than you expected, be kind to your mind and your body. Breathe in and out while focusing on the thoughts that it’s okay to be present on the mat exactly as you are, and not as you’d like to be. 

Use this focused time during your yoga practice to think positively about yourself and the world around you and you’ll see positive repercussions all throughout the day. 

Thanks for reading our post today; we hope you have a soothing yet challenging time practicing yoga.