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How to Increase Your Focus

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Welcome to the second quarter of 2019 from Nantucket Gate Blog! Whether you work full time, study all day, or something in between, chances are it takes a lot of energy and focus to do what you do. If you’re anything like us, though, we suspect it gets pretty hard not to get distracted whether you’re studying in your apartment or at work all day! This week, we’re here to bring you a simple guide on how to stay focused. Try out these ideas in your Tacoma, WA workplace, or wherever else you might be.

Remove Distractions

In our day and age, it’s no question that we are constantly surrounded by multiple electronic devices. Chances are, you’re around a phone and a computer that are constantly alerting you of emails, text messages, social media notifications, news articles, and more. Each time we move away from whatever task we’re working on to respond to these, our focus is interrupted, and it then takes time to get back in the zone. Since you likely don’t need to respond to all of these distractions the exact moment they come, consider finding ways to remove them for the majority of your work or school day. Put your phone on do not disturb mode; turn off notification on your emails; sign out of social media accounts on your computer. Because it’s impossible to focus all the time, set break times throughout the day when you will intentionally check your messages or spend a few minutes on social media.

Eliminate Unnecessary Tasks

Do you find yourself spending an unnecessary amount of time responding to emails or setting up meetings? While it’s true that these things need to happen at some point, they likely don’t take priority to more significant projects or tasks you’re working on. Instead of building your day around trivial tasks, spend the majority of your time and energy on your most important tasks, and the simple responsibilities will fit in the cracks.

Schedule Time for Intense Focus

Lastly, just as you would schedule time for important meetings or appointments, it’s a great idea to schedule time each day to focus as intensely as possible. Of course, we’d all like to stay focused all of the time so that we can get more done, but we’re only human. By choosing a specific time or two throughout the day to remove absolutely all distractions and put all your energy into the task at hand, you will more easily be able to create the proper headspace to accomplish what you want to. You’ll be surprised how much you get done during these times, too!


Thanks for reading our post today. We hope you can focus this week and achieve all your goals.