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How to Make a Scarecrow

Nantucket Gate Blog, Tacoma, WA  Fall is here! Get crafty this month and make your own scarecrow by following these simple steps.

Fall is here and it is time to get crafty! In this post our Nantucket Gate Blog will be sharing a step-by-step guide on how to make your own scarecrow. Whether your scarecrow is just for an apartment decoration or to keep birds away from your patio garden, get creative and create something you can be proud of.


Step 1: Build a Frame

Just like how people have bones, your scarecrow needs structural support to keep him upright. Use two pieces of wood to make a cross shaped frame and secure the two wood pieces into place with two nails. Using two nails will ensure the horizontal piece of wood stays firmly in space and doesn’t spin around.


Step 2: Secure a Place

Once you have created your cross frame for your scarecrow, decide where you want to place it and then secure it into the ground or a pot of rocks, sand, or some sort of ballast, with a mallet/hammer.


Step 3: Dress Your Scarecrow

Use old clothes that you don’t wear to dress your scarecrow. If you don’t have any clothes that you don’t mind discarding, visit a thrift shop to pick out an inexpensive outfit for your scarecrow. Insert the ends of the horizontal piece of wood through the sleeves of the shirt you are using. Tip: A long sleeve button up shirt works best.


Step 4: Create a Waistline

Give your scarecrow a waistline by taking a length of string or twine and tying it tightly at the bottom of the shirt to give it a waist.


Step 5: Tie Off and Stuff

Tie off the ends of the sleeves tightly and then fill the arms and torso of your scarecrow with straw or some sort of stuffing to give it some shape. You can sew or tie on gloves to the end the the sleeves to give it hands.


Step 6: Add and Attach Pants and Boots

Tie off the ends of the pair of pants and fill them with straw. Attach the filled pants to the torso by using string to make suspenders that are secured by tying them through the belt loops. Or you can use real suspenders if you have some to spare. Attach a pair of boots or shoes to the pants.


Step 7: Attach the Head

Make a head for your scarecrow by filling an old pillowcase with straw or stuffing. Secure the pillowcase around the top of the wooden frame with a piece of string.


Step 8: Add Some Personality

Give your scarecrow some personality by sewing on buttons for eyes or drawing on a face, attaching some straw to make hair, and adding a hat.


What is your favorite accessory to add to your scarecrow? Tell us in the comments. Thanks for reading our post and have a great month here in Tacoma, WA!