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How to Recognize Back-to-School Season for Non-Students

a young girl using colored pencils to draw a picture

This week on Nantucket Gate Blog, we’re here to help those who live in our Tacoma, WA community observe back-to-school season — even those of us who are no longer in school. While you might not be going to class every day this year, the end of August is a great time to think about some of your favorite parts of school and learning and figure out how to incorporate them into your current routine. Consider doing one of the following this month: 

Get Yourself a New Pen 

For those in our apartment community who have been out of the normal school schedule for long enough, you may have forgotten the simple, yet powerful, joy of buying a new pen. On top of being a moment to retire a writing utensil that either no longer works or has served its time, getting a new pen often serves as a mini moment of inspiration to stay more organized and accomplish goals. 

Read a Nonfiction Book

There’s an old adage that says “you learn something new every day.” While that’s more or less true, it can be difficult to feel like you’re learning new things when you aren’t in school. To help facilitate feelings of acquiring new knowledge this upcoming season, we suggest you pick up a nonfiction book from a local library or bookshop on a subject you’re interested in but know little about. While it takes more effort to learn without a class schedule, deadlines, or a teacher, there’s a world of knowledge available to us through books — all we have to do is open the cover!

Do an Art Project

Remember when you used to get a list of school supplies before grade school started up again every year? Often times, it included things like watercolor paints, colored pencils, and markers. If you haven’t exercised the creative side of your brain in a while, back-to-school season is the perfect time to do it! Whether you pull an old set of paints out of your storage closet and have a casual evening of painting accompanied by your favorite food or drink, or you decide to take on a more hefty project like embroidery or refinishing furniture, use the upcoming season as a reminder to create something new.

Thanks for reading our post today. Have a happy back-to-school season!