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Pet Care Tips

a cat wearing a flower crown

Late summer is a great time for getting out and stretching your legs — for you and especially your pet! Nantucket Gate is a pet-friendly apartment community, and today we’re offering a few reminders for things to watch out for in your pet as they explore Tacoma, WA so that they have just a good experience as you in the sun.

Groom Your Pet

Regular grooming is important to your pet’s cleanliness and health (and, by extension, yours and that of your home). Get ready to do it more often in the upcoming months, as summertime can mean more shedding or need for trimming of fur. Avoid shaving your pet’s coat, as that can expose their skin to harsh sun. While you groom and wash your pet (the latter can also aid in cooling down your pet), stay on the lookout for summer insects, like fleas and ticks. Invest in a flea comb and talk to your veterinarian about other tips for noticing and treating insect problems.

Take It Easy

Your pet still needs regular exercise, both to stay strong and to let out the jitters. Ensure that your walk, jog, run, or other activities outside are actually effective for your pet by taking it easy and not pushing them more than necessary. Take breaks, bring a pet water bottle with you to help them stay hydrated, stay in shaded areas, and get pet sunscreen for your outings.

Be Considerate About Your Late Summer Celebrations

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or heading out for a hike, remember that your actions affect and can be extremely harmful to your pet. Some foods may be poisonous to them, so keep them away from your barbecues. Be careful when you’re at the pool and practice pool safety habits. Avoid mishaps and things can go swimmingly.

What other summer pet care tips would you add to our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We hope these ideas help you and your pet have a stress-free and enjoyable summer.