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Picnic Tips

A wicker  picnic basket with a red-and-white gingham tablecloth peeking out placed on top of a wooden walkway with flowers in the background.

Since the weather is getting warmer here in Tacoma, WA, it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the sunshine with a picnic! Picnics are the perfect way to get out and enjoy the nice weather without expending too much energy. In this week’s Nantucket Gate Blog, we’ve got a few picnic ideas for you to make your picnic experience a little more enjoyable!

Pick the Right Spot

The fate of your picnic rests on picking the right spot! Not really, but picking a good spot can greatly enhance your experience. Picking a spot truly depends on your preferences,  whether you’d like a picnic with tables or if you prefer a blanket laid out on the grass, it’s all about finding what works for you! We recommend finding a location that has shade options so you can escape the sun when it gets too hot!

Bring Some Music

Music makes a great picnic even better! A Bluetooth speaker or even bringing a guitar (assuming you or someone you know can play) is a great option for entertainment while having a picnic! Nothing beats jamming out to some tunes while enjoying the sunshine! 

Don’t Forget the Food

We can’t forget about the best part of a picnic: the food! One of the hardest decisions to make is deciding what you’re going to bring on your picnic. We recommend foods that can easily be eaten without utensils, like sandwiches or even a pizza, as things are a lot simpler and easier when you don’t have to wash or throw away any utensils! Don’t forget to pack sufficient trash bags and napkins so you can keep your person and the area you’re in clean!

Picnicking can be fun for everyone, especially if you take our tips into consideration! If you’ve got additional tips for our Tacoma, WA apartment community, leave a comment for us!