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Reasons to Pick Up a New Hobby

a woman enjoying herself while painting a canvas on an easel

How often do you spend participating in a hobby that you sincerely enjoy? This week, Nantucket Gate Blog wants to encourage you to either pick up a new hobby or rekindle an old one. Not only are hobbies enjoyable, but they are also beneficial in more ways than you would imagine! Keep reading to discover something new about how investing time into a hobby could help you this year.

Stress Relief

Sometimes, it feels hard to justify setting aside time during a busy week to participate in a hobby, but did you know they can actually help you relieve stress? By putting a pause on any obligations for some time each week, it will help keep your mind at ease and help you forget about what is weighing you down long enough to help you feel ready to take on your responsibilities. 

Physical Health

On top of releasing stress and helping your mind to feel more at ease, hobbies are also beneficial for your physical health! Doing things you enjoy has a correlation with lowering BMI, cortisol levels, blood sugar, and more. To the extent that physical health influences mental health, doing something you physically enjoy may help decrease your chances of depression.

New Challenges

Often, new hobbies bring on new challenges. Because hobbies are more amusing than obligations, resolving challenges in a setting that is less mundane than your everyday routine will help you stay mentally stimulated. Since the challenges presented aren’t as threatening or as stressful as conflicts at work or family problems, it’s a way to practice problem-solving without all the pressure. 

Confidence Boost 

Being able to excel at something — no matter how small that thing is — is incredibly satisfying, especially when they aren’t directly related to your home or work life. When you find out you have a knack for something that’s enjoying to you, it’s natural to feel more self-confident than you did before. Whether something comes naturally to you or not, practicing your hobbies is a great way to get a confidence boost as you work at them and excel! 

How have you benefited from your hobbies? Let our Tacoma, WA apartment community know in the comments below!