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Reasons to Start a Yoga Practice

silhouette of someone practicing yoga outside

Have you ever considered practicing yoga? If you haven’t, our goal today at Nantucket Gate Blog is to give you a few reasons to consider doing so. 

While there’s a good chance that most of you have tried yoga at least once in your lifetime, there are probably a few members of our Tacoma, WA apartment community who have never even set foot on a yoga mat. Regardless of which category you fall into, take a minute today to consider the following reasons why yoga might be for you. 

Strengthens Your Body and Your Mind 

Some people view yoga as simply a form of physical exercise, while others see it as a way to develop and strengthen the power of the mind. It turns out, participating in this ancient Indian practice can help you accomplish both of these things! 

Modern yoga requires you to move your body in ways you likely aren’t used to, helping you to strengthen your muscles, increase your endurance, and make you more flexible.

Simultaneously, cultivating the energy and focus to perform these unfamiliar poses strengthens your mind, improves your self-confidence, and clears your head.

Improves Your Ability to Focus 

In the modern world of smartphones, streaming services, and social media, distractions are present at our every turn. Because all of these things and more have simply become a part of our reality, the ability to focus in times where focus is needed has become increasingly valuable. 

One of the goals of yoga is to help you declutter your mind and create room to aim your attention at one specific action, thought, emotion, or sensation. Over time, practicing yoga will help you train your mind to focus. Not only will this help you improve your ability to perform certain yoga poses, but it also will likely overflow into the rest of your day and focus on other important tasks you have to accomplish.

Helps You Accept What Comes Your Way 

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of yoga is the long-term shift in perspective and frame of mind. While there are plenty of positive and enjoyable moments in life — both extraordinary ones and mundane ones — there are also plenty of difficult experiences that bring unexpected pain and heartache. 

One of the goals of yoga is to help people accept and understand on a more significant level the place that change — both positive and difficult — has in life, and to help people be more present mentally, physically, and emotionally in whatever changes are currently happening.

Need a few more reasons? We found them, along with others, on Esther Ekhart’s article about 7 great reasons to start practicing yoga, so check it out for any additional benefits yoga might have on your life. Stay tuned next week as we give you a few tips for beginning your practice!