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Summer Hobbies to Try

two gilrs playing in the water on a hot summer day

What are some things you like to do during the summer? Finding something to do in the summertime may not be a difficult task, but there can be so much to choose from that settling on something could take a while. In this week’s Nantucket Gate Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of hobbies you could try out, specifically focusing on hobbies you don’t need to leave your apartment to do!

Grow a Plant/Garden

If you’re looking for a hobby that doesn’t require you to leave the house, you should try growing a plant or even a small garden! You may not have much space in your apartment, but if you can make some space in your home, this is a good hobby to pick up that will give you satisfaction. The feeling of being able to get something to grow or even bear fruit is a unique feeling all on its own, so give it a try! Before you get your hopes up, remember that growing a plant takes time and may require specific conditions, so give it your best shot and don’t give up!

Building Miniatures

If you’re good with your hands, you may want to start building miniatures! There are plenty of miniatures to choose from when starting this hobby, from model trains and planes to wargaming pieces. This hobby may need a few extra pieces of equipment, but it’s well worth it when you’re assembling and painting those miniatures. You’re going to need dexterous fingers, so be prepared to take it slow and be careful!


What better hobby to get into than cooking? Not only will you have an experience putting things together, you’ll also have something delicious (hopefully) at the end of it all to dine on! There are plenty of recipes to try out on the internet, so give the world wide web a good scour to find a recipe that fits your taste buds best. 

Do you have any hobbies you like to do when you’re at home during the summer? Share those ideas with our Tacoma, WA apartment community by leaving a comment!