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Take a Mental Break

Man lifting cup of coffee from table; photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash.

Spending a majority of your time in your home practicing social distancing can take a toll on you mentally and emotionally. It’s important to take care of yourself during stressful times, which is why in this week’s Nantucket Gate Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how you can give yourself a mental break before you burn out! 

A Breath of Fresh Air

When you’ve gone a whole day with busy work or sitting down, going outside and enjoying some fresh air can help clear your head and break any tension building up from your day at work. When you do get fresh air, remember to keep any technology or distractions away so you can breathe in the fresh air. 

A Nap

Sometimes, all you need is a nap. A brief snooze can be a way to rest and recharge from an overloaded day of work. Depending on how stressed out you are, it may take you a while to get to sleep, but once you do fall asleep, it’ll be worth it. For a nap to be effective, it can’t be too long, or too short. Set your alarm for a time between 15-45 minutes, but certainly not more than an hour, otherwise you’ll get lethargic!


When you are stressed or overworked, it can help to take a bite of a treat that you enjoy! There’s something satisfying about eating a meal or treat you enjoy to get your mind off of work-related stresses. Not only is eating a good way to enjoy some time away from work, but it’ll also give you some much-needed energy for the rest of your day!

Do you have any ways you like to destress while you’re working? We’d love to hear from you if you have, so leave a comment for our Tacoma, WA apartment community!


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