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The Best Episodes to Watch on National I Love Lucy Day

I Love Lucy title screen

How familiar are you with the classic sitcom I Love Lucy? While it hasn’t been on the air for a new season in over 60 years, it remains one of the most iconic television programs in American pop culture. Because Tuesday, October 15th is National I Love Lucy Day, Nantucket Gate Blog is helping you relive some of the best moments of the show by sharing a few of our favorite episodes with you! Take an hour or two on Tuesday or any other time this month to enjoy some classic family entertainment in your Tacoma, WA apartment! 

“Job Switching”

On arguably the most famous episode of I Love Lucy, Lucy and her friend Ethel get a job in a chocolate factory while their husbands do chores at home. If you’ve ever seen the scene at a conveyor belt where Lucy shoves multiple chocolates in her mouth, it comes from this episode! 

“Lucy Wants New Furniture”

In this hilarious episode, Lucy’s husband Ricky gets angry when she buys new furniture without asking, so he makes her use her allowance to pay for it. Watch as Lucy comes up with creative ways to do all the activities she would typically spend her allowance on, but this time without paying any professionals to help her do them.  

“Lucy is Enceinte”

When Lucy finds out she’s newly pregnant, she intends to tell Ricky, but he is always busy! Instead of telling him in private, Lucy heads to the nightclub where he works to share the big news, and Ricky ends up finding out in one of the most public ways possible. 

“First Stop”

Ethel and Lucy make a roadtrip to California with their husbands, and they run into some comical mishaps along the way. After a misleading sign for a lousy cafe leads them to spend the night at a scummy motel, they soon realize the owner is taking advantage of them.

What is your favorite I Love Lucy moment? Let our community know in the comments below.