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Things to Do in Your Apartment

A woman reading a book.

If you find yourself in your apartment for an extended period of time, your regular activities can get repetitive and may not hold your attention. If you have the time, it’s a perfect opportunity to try something new. In this week’s Nantucket Gate Blog, we’ve got a few suggestions of things you can do in your apartment. 

Read a Book

If you’re stuck in your home for a while, you’re going to want an activity that can last longer than just 20 minutes. We suggest finding a nice book to read. There are a variety of books you can choose, but if your home stay is a long one, finding a series you can dive into is preferable. Take some of your free time to find a nice corner of your apartment and soak in some books. To add to your experience, you can brew some coffee or make some hot chocolate to enhance your reading time.


Have you ever tried knitting? Knitting is commonly known as something grandmothers do, but it can be a great activity when you have time at home. It may take a little getting used to, but learning to knit is fairly simple if you haven’t done it before, and all you’ll need is some knitting needles and some yarn. Knitting is also a great option for an activity to do while you binge watch a lot of shows. 


Too often, we tell ourselves that we are going to exercise, but when the time actually comes when we have the opportunity, we make excuses. If you’re stuck in your house, take advantage of the time you have and get some work in! There are plenty of at-home exercises you can try out to find what you like doing the most. 


Do you have anything you like to do when you have a lot of time? Share them with our Tacoma, WA apartment community by leaving a comment!