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Tips for a Better Breakfast

a bowl of granola with sliced peaches on top

Nantucket Gate Blog welcomes you to the month of September! In honor of it being National Better Breakfast Month, we are inviting everyone in our Tacoma, WA apartment community to learn a bit more about how to have a better experience at breakfast, and as a result, throughout the whole day. Keep reading to discover our best suggestions!

Eat Enough Food

The biggest tip we could give you for a better breakfast is to eat enough food. Many people walk out the door having eating one simple piece of fruit or toast — if anything at all! While it may seem tempting to do so due to lack of time or appetite, that’s not enough to keep you sustained until lunch. Rather than saving your first significant meal of the day until lunch, start your day off right with a large enough quantity of food to provide you with the energy you need to succeed.  

Balance Your Meal 

On top of simply eating enough food, it’s important to eat the right type of food as well. While oats and grain are important sources of sustained energy over the course of the morning, eating three large bowls of cereal will likely have you feeling sluggish before too long. Instead, opt for one serving of whole grains and round out your meal with some fresh fruit and an egg or a protein shake. 

Prepare the Night Before

If you feel pressed for time in the morning, you’re not alone. Because it might not be realistic to prepare a full meal before work, consider spending fifteen minutes before bed preparing a meal you can eat before you head out the door in the morning. If you’re a fan of oatmeal, consider making a hearty bowl of overnight oats. Do you like breakfast sandwiches? Prepare all the components the night before so all you have to do in the morning is stick it on the panini grill. Whatever you prefer to eat for your first meal of the day, chances are, there’s a way you can save yourself time by doing some food prep in advance.

Thanks for reading our post today. May your September be filled with better breakfasts!