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Tips for Elevating Your Mood During the Colder Months

a man and a woman dressed in warm clothing while drinking a hot drink and smiling, accompanied by a small dog.

As the weather starts to get colder and fall slowly turns into winter, it’s common for people to experience a shift in their mood. Whether it’s due to experiencing seasonal depression or being inside more often because of the weather or anything else that might affect people’s mood, it’s more common than you might think. This week on Nantucket Gate Blog, we are bringing you three simple ideas that could help elevate your mood during the colder months this year. This season, consider trying the following as you go about life in your Tacoma, WA apartment:

Develop a New Hobby

This season, we suggest investing time in developing a new hobby you can enjoy. On top of merely helping you pass the time, having a hobby you like to participate in can make you feel more satisfied with your life, and it can help to dissipate some of those low feelings. For some, a new hobby during this time of year might look like getting outdoors with a pair of snowshoes or cross country skis to enjoy the winter weather. For others, it might mean picking up an indoor hobby like knitting, learning the basics of a new language, or playing board games. There is no right answer when it comes to hobbies; it’s all about what sounds enjoyable to you.

Get Enough Sunlight

During this time of year, the lack of sunlight can contribute to feeling down. As the days get shorter, it’s easy to spend all the well-lit hours of the day at work and to get virtually no natural light at all. Since sunlight in known to elevate mood, it’s a good idea to find small ways to be exposed to it throughout the day. On days when it’s warm enough, grab a jacket and take a short walk outside on your lunch break. When you aren’t able to do that, consider finding a spot at work near a window to get some natural light while you work. It may seem like something small, but a little bit of sunlight can go a long way in the winter!

Embrace “Hygge” 

Hygge (pronounced hooga) is a Danish concept that roughly translated to “a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being”. In practice, hygge looks like creating cozy and peaceful spaces to help you feel good when it might be otherwise hard to do so. During the colder months, this could look like putting on your comfiest clothes and wrapping up in a blanket to read a good book or to watch your favorite television show, among many other things that could help you feel cozy. You can enjoy hygge alone or with other people you care about, and there is no way to do it wrong as long as you’re feeling more comfortable, calm, and content as a result. 

How do you elevate your mood during this upcoming season? Share with our community in the comments below