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Tips for Implementing a Morning Routine

a woman striking a warrior one pose in her bedroom in the morning

Last week on Nantucket Gate Blog, we discovered some of the benefits of implementing a more consistent morning routine. Setting the mood for the day will help you prioritize your time and be more productive. A morning routine will boost your confidence and contribute to a belief that you truly can achieve your goals. Ultimately, it will reduce stress and fill your life with a greater sense of peace. Read on for a few tips you can start practicing today in your Tacoma, WA apartment to start developing a morning routine that works for you!

Set Aside Enough Time

Does your current morning consist of setting your alarm for as late as possible, staying in bed longer than you should, and then running out the door while still getting dressed and shoving a bite to eat in your mouth? Creating a beneficial routine will require a little bit more than that. For most people, a healthy morning routine will fall somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes. A good way to know that you’re taking ample time is that you legitimately benefit from your time each morning and that you enjoy it as well. The simplest yet hardest goal to help you achieve this is to not hit the snooze button!

Get Your Body Moving

One of the easiest things to do right after waking up is lying in bed and scrolling through your phone until you feel awake enough to roll out and get your day started. Instead of using that time to look at the content you’ll likely see later in the day anyway, spend some time getting right up to wake up your muscles and your mind and doing something to get your body moving! You might enjoy a full-on workout first thing in the morning, but if you don’t, there are plenty of other ways you can move your body. If you enjoy yoga, consider doing a few simple poses that make your mind and body feel a little more at peace. When your muscles feel tight, stretching is a good way to do something good for your body before you spend the rest of the day wearing it out. You might even consider taking a short walk! Whatever movement you choose to make, it will help your body. Remember to tell yourself that as you adjust to this new routine!

Fuel Up the Right Way

Isn’t it funny how we’re always told how important breakfast is, yet some of the most sugary foods with the least nutritional value are marketed as breakfast foods? It’s important that we not only eat in the morning but that we focus on nutrient-rich food. Rather than choosing a bowl of sugary cereal that is likely to give you a few minutes of energy and then make you crash, make sure to incorporate enough protein, whole grains, and fresh fruit into your breakfast fuel up.

We hope these tips will be beneficial to members of our apartment community. What is your favorite way to get going in the morning? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post today!