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Ways to Support Women

four women on a trail, smiling with their arms around each other

We hope you’ve been having a great start to March. This month is Women’s History Month, and we here at Nantucket Gate feel it is appropriate to share with you a few ways you can support women around you — whether they’re your friends, neighbors, family members, or strangers — to enact positive change, in or out of your apartment community in Tacoma, WA.

Support women in local government.

Women of all political opinions and backgrounds are campaigning to influence societal and political change as we speak. Start paying attention to what current and potential local leaders are doing by staying updated through news articles and campaign information about women running. You don’t have to unreasonably compromise on any personal stances to support women, but you can look for, support, and find ways to understand and learn from them in local government to enact change in real and lasting ways.


Women have voices equally as valid as men, but they’re not always heard or taken seriously, either in general society or by the people they know and love. If someone is speaking up about their experiences, listen without getting defensive or offended. Look for ways to improve your outlook so you can live in a way that encourages and empowers people around you. 

You may not think you make that big a difference by listening, but you do. It can be a powerful way to ensure your influence is an inclusive one as you learn.

Speak up.

Everyone needs an ally. Maybe someone is harassed, online or in person. Maybe someone is trying to use their voice but they aren’t being heard. Voicing your support for the women around you is a good way to show that you care. Showing empathy helps people feel appreciated and noticed, and it can help you band together to accomplish more than you may have thought possible. There is strength in numbers, and your voice can help amplify someone else’s. Use your privilege for good this month!

What other ideas would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments so we can all benefit. Thanks for reading. We hope these ideas add fulfillment and positivity to your life and the lives of women this month and the rest of the year.